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Silicon Valley Headquarters
Tel: 408.354.0553
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Gardnerville, NV 89410
Meet the CCC Team
Carol Foster, President
  • Twenty-eight years in the semiconductor and magnetic storage fabrication equipment industry
  • Owned technical desktop publishing and database management company
  • Co-owner of manufacturer’s rep company dealing in advanced packaging fabrication equipment
  • Responsible for business development, budget, sales and service for central Europe
  • Sales leader managing sales to Fortune 500 companies at the upper management and corporate purchasing level
  • Managed technical writing staff of code compliance company during major government project
  • Over 11 years experience dealing with third party electrical, code compliance and product safety/liability
MA Khan, Licensed California Electrical Engineer, P.E.
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, Licensed California Electrical Engineer, P.E.
  • Over 25 years in complete electrical distribution design and facilities engineering for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications
  • Performed voltage drop, short circuit, relay coordination and load studies
  • Developed one-line diagrams, metering and relaying diagrams for high-medium-low-voltage distribution systems and equipment specifications
  • Performed utility company’s coordination
  • Produced complete design and construction documents for site, core, shell and tenant improvement packages for city permits and bids for clean rooms, medical research labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, computer/data rooms and office buildings
  • Designed emergency, UPS and life safety systems, site lighting and interior lighting per CEC Title 24, and lighting fixture selections
  • Designed geothermal and co-generation power plants and worked as field/resident engineer on power plants
Howland Foster, Chief Operations Director
  • One of the first independent field inspectors with over 15 years performing third party electrical, code compliance and product safety/liability evaluations/certifications (including NFPA 70, NFPA79, NFPA 70E and OSHA)
  • Over 30 years experience in semiconductor, optical, flat panel, magnetic storage processes and capital fabrication equipment
  • Developed company procedures and documentation for conducting inspections and certifications for third party electrical, SEMI and CE
  • Over 30 years experience with design, prototype, sales and repair of high power generating supplies to 5MW
  • Developed electrical safety training courses for presentation to clients in USA, Europe and Asia
  • Administered the implementation of ISO 9000 in a manufacturing company
Sean Koepp-Baker, Technical Specialist and Senior Inspector
  • Service Manager with 20+ years of international experience focused in semiconductor, hard disk, FPD and digital X-ray industries.
  • As Director of Project Management & Quality reviewed tool designs and component selections to ensure compliance with Electrical and Safety codes
  • Worked extensively with companies in France, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and the U.S. to specify, conceptually design, procure and build a tool set for a major FPD corporate expansion.
  • Coordinated on-site installation, startup, and process qualification for numerous tools sets worldwide.
  • Developed preventative maintenance procedures for an FPD manufacturer.
  • Interfaced with engineering for critical design reviews, hardware and software functional specification reviews, and manufacturing readiness reviews.
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