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CCC Compliance Services
S2 Evaluation to SEMI® Guidelines
Comprised of 20 basic elements:
  • Documents Provided to User
  • Hazard Warning Labels
  • Safety Interlock Systems
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Electrical Design
  • Fire Risk and Protection
  • Heated Chemical Baths
  • Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Hazardous Energy Isolation
  • Mechanical DesignSeismic Protection
  • Automated Material Handlings
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Exhaust Ventilation
  • Chemicals
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Non-ionizing Radiation and Fields
  • Lasers
  • Sound Pressure Level
  • Manual Review (Installation, Operation, Maintenance)
CE Examination and Testing
  • Evaluation:
    • Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)
    • Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC)
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive [EMC] (2004/108/EC)
    • Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC)
  • Report
  • Technical Construction File (TCF)
  • Certificate of Compliance
EMC Testing

Most manufacturers of electrical products destined for arrival in the EU must comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive, which requires that:

  • The equipment under review will not cause nearby equipment to malfunction or cease operation
  • Nearby equipment will not cause the equipment under review to malfunction or cease operation

CCC provides one-stop shopping for all your CE Marking needs to meet the EMC Directive. Essentially, the EMC Directive has two requirements to demonstrate compliance:

1. Technical Construction File (TCF). Technical documentation must be prepared by the manufacturer to prove all apparatus are built and in compliance with the protection requirements. The results of EMC testing is a part of this file.

2. EC Declaration of Conformity. Compliance with the essential requirements is declared by an EC Declaration of Conformity issued by the manufacturer. It must contain:

  • A reference to the EMC Directive
  • An identification of the product to which it refers
  • The name and address of the manufacturer and, where applicable, the name and address of the authorized representative
  • A dated reference to the specifications under which conformity is declared to ensure the conformity of the apparatus within the provisions of the EMC Directive
  • The date of that declaration
  • The identity and signature of the person empowered to bind the manufacturer or his authorized representative

With it partnerships with several independent, full-service, NRTL electronic test laboratories accredited by either NVLAP to NIST or A2LP, you can rely on CCC to take the worry out of CE marking.

Field Labeling (3rd Party Evaluation)
  • Required in the USA if:
    • Not “Listed” by an NRTL
    • Mandated by the local AHJ
  • Conformance to:
    • NFPA 70 (NEC 2008)
    • NFPA 79-2007 (Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery)
    • UL 508, Industrial Control Equipment
    • UL 508A, Industrial Control Panels
    • ANSI Z535.4-2002, Safety Labels
Seismic Protection

For operations located in or near earthquake prone areas, various building design code require mechanical and electrical equipment be securely mounted to ensure they continue to function during and after seismic events, in addition to not becoming a hazard to personnel, the workplace and the environment as a result.

CCC can review and analyze your equipment and site to produce the certified drawings and calculations required to meet code (i.e., CBC 2007, IBC 2006, ASCE 7-05, etc.), in addition to providing the wet-stamped documents you need to present to the local authorities.

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